Location 2018

During the RHP conference we’ll be staying at the Emmaus monastery (Emmaüsklooster). This beautiful accommodation used to be a monastery and is now used as a place for reflection. It still has the looks and feel of a monastery, including an old chapel. The building consists of both old and new parts. The new part was built later, hence more luxurious rooms can be found there. In the older part of the building, the interior is quite simple, in the style of the monastery. This variety in style gives us the chance to offer you a choice between a cheaper, basic room and a more elaborate, luxurious one.

The monastery is situated in Helvoirt, a small village in the south of the Netherlands. It is surrounded by nature and there will be plenty of time to take a nice walk in the woods. The closest city is Den Bosch (a 20-minute’s car ride away). Every afternoon, there will be buses available to take you to this city for €5. On Monday and Friday there will also be buses going to the train station. 

During the evenings, a bar will be open in the monastery where people can get together.

Emmaus Monastery

Udenhoutseweg 15 5268 CG Helvoirt
The Netherlands



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