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what is the rhp?

We are a network of Christ-followers who share a common passion to see the Church minister the whole gospel amongst those who have been forcibly displaced – including the refugees and asylum seekers who arrive in Europe.

As a Christian network, The Refugee Highway Partnership Europe seeks to connect and mobilize leaders, churches and organizations to effectively engage with refugees


Why are we called The Refugee Highway Partnership?

Our group is a subset of the Global Refugee Highway Partnership.

We derive our name from the observation that there are some well-worn paths around the world that refugees travel upon; air, water and land routes leading to safety and the simple hope for a normal life. These paths make up the refugee highway. Like any highway, there are entry ramps, crossroads, roundabouts and exits ramps.

Every continent on the globe finds itself connected to this winding network of roads. Many of the major entry ramps onto the highway are in Asia, the Middle East, Africa, the countries of the former Soviet Union and Latin America.

For many highway travelers (includes formal refugees as well as those seeking asylum), the final destination will be Europe.

OUR values

We are motivated by our Biblical Mandate


We believe prayer to be foundational to our movement and ministry


We seek to collaborate and nurture partnerships


We are committed to relationships that reflect reciprocity, inclusion and lead to mutual transformation


We foster a spirit of welcoming and acceptance within the refugee communities where we serve


We are dedicated to the mobilization of leaders, churches, and organizations



Our vision is to see a Kingdom movement of transformational ministry with and among forcibly displaced people in Europe and beyond.


The Refugee Highway Partnership Europe is a Christian network which connects and mobilizes leaders, churches and organizations to effectively engage with refugees.

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