Register now for the 2017 RHP roundtable meetings in Europe.

Networking  *  Workshops on special issues  *  Biblical perspectives  *  Ministry planning  *  Prayer  *   Testimonies 

Please note, this is a regional meeting intended for those living and working in Europe, it will be held in English but it will be translated into several languages. We will focus on refugee issues related to Europe. Spouses can be included on the same registration form below. However all other individuals – even from the same organization– need to submit separate forms.

Early Registration Deadline: Nov 1, 2016.

Summary Information for the RHP – Europe Roundtable Meetings
Date:   February  6-10, 2017
Hotel Hungaria City Center

Rákóczi út 90, 1074 Budapest, Hungary
Telephone: +36-1-889-4400

Directions:  Across the street from Keleti Train Station (Keleti pályaudvar 1087 Budapest Hungary). There are three ways to get from the airport to the hotel: Public Transportation, Taxi and Airport Shuttle. Estimated cost of transportation is 5€, 20€ and 12€ respectively.

Arrival:   Before 17:00 on February 6 (unless you come early for pre-conference meetings/workshops which begin 10 am February 6)
Departure:  After breakfast on February 10  


There are two fees to be paid separately: * RHP Roundtable Conference Registration Fees (to be paid to RHP, link below) & RHP Hungaria Hotel Reservation Form.

* RHP Roundtable Registration:  Please pay the Registration fee when registering. Before Nov 1 the registration fee is 70 € per person, 90 € per married couple.

**Late Fee: After Nov 1 registration will be 90 € for single and 110 € per couple. Please pay RHP Registration fees here!

Hotel Reservation Fees: 240€ per person (with 2 persons per room) 320 € per person for a single room (1 person per room) The Hotel cost is per person and includes room, breakfast, lunch, dinner and coffee breaks.

To make your hotel room reservations: Please contact the hotel directly. Below is a link to a form from the hotel identifying that you are with the Roundtable. Please print this form, fill it out and send it to the hotel conferencing department. or Phone: +36 1-889-4400. You will pay the hotel directly upon arrival for room and food, conferencing fees are included in the registration free.   RHP Hungaria Hotel Reservation Form

Day Visitors:
If you would like to come as a Day Visitor for the conference, the total cost is 70 Euro per person. This includes registration fee, 3 lunches, coffee breaks and conference fees. You may also come for a single day for 20€ per day. Fees to be paid when registering. If you would like to stay for dinner, there is an additional cost of 18 euro per meal. Space is limited. Please pay RHP Registration fees here!

Offsite Outing: There will be an optional offsite outing that will be a cultural and ministry exposure trip around the Budapest area. The cost will be minimal and will involve transportation on a tour bus.

If you need some additional information please contact Hanna Krueger:

Pre-Conference Meeting Monday Feb 6, 2017 10am to 4pm:

(Attending these may require you to check into the hotel Sunday Feb 5th)

Workshop on Refugee Children and Youth:

During this workshop we will be discussing the state and needs of refugee children and youth in Europe. Join us to gain resources, network, learn, pray, share your experience and become part of an on-going initiative to engage the church across Europe in caring for refugee children and youth.
– Cost 20€ includes lunch & coffee break.

Additional Information

Financial Assistance RHP is able in a limited capacity to offer partial scholarships to those in financial difficulty, including those in full-time or bi-vocational ministry, students and refugees involved in ministry. If you would like to request financial help, please indicate that on the registration form and provide details about your need. Someone from the RHP registration team will contact you via email about this possibility.

Optional Scholarship Donation If you would like to give towards the scholarship fund, we thank you for your generosity. All funds donated specifically for scholarships will be used to help someone in need with a scholarship to the RHP Roundtable. There is space on the registration form for this information.

Inviting Refugee & Migrant Church Leaders We encourage attendees to consider inviting a refugee leader to the RHP Roundtable. While we cannot pay for their lodging or meals for your guests, RHP can waive the 70 EUR registration fee for refugees and award some limited scholarships. In the registration process, please indicate that you are bringing a refugee guest and help register them.

If you cannot pay for their lodging and meals and need additional scholarships, please include their name and contact info along with a brief description of their ministry and why you are considering inviting them to the RHP Roundtable. There is space on the registration form for this information.

Register now for the 2017 RHP roundtable meetings in Europe.

*What is the 70 Euro RHP Registration Fee? This fee is for the meeting room rentals, printing and other conference costs. The hotel does not collect these costs in the room reservations. This one-time fee also contributes to the development of the Refugee Highway Partnership, network meetings, website and resource development.

** Why a 20 Euro late fee for Registration? Our contract with the hotel obligates us to put down 20% deposit by November 7th, so we need a majority to register by November 1st in order to pay this deposit. The RHP leadership would also like to be prepared with our numbers as soon as possible in order to plan the number of break out sessions, transportation to/from our excursion, and ensure there is diverse representation across Europe. For this reason, the 20 Euro late fee is meant as an incentive to encourage everyone to register early rather than to wait for the last minute.



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