Summary – 2012 RHP Europe Roundtable

On Jan 26-29, 2012, the RHP network in Europe met in Malta for its annual European roundtable meeting. This was the 9th consecutive year that the RHP–Europe network has met. Approximately 25 people took part, including IAFR leaders and several participants from 2 local refugee churches on Malta.

The participants represented 13 European countries and gathered to discuss issues related to refugees in their own countries and across Europe. Reports from these 13 countries highlighting, key issues, trends, needs and prayer requests were compiled together for all the participants to take home.

The director of the Marsa Open Centre, and a representative of the UNHCR in Malta, in separate sessions, helped to give an overview of the current situation in Malta. Three sessions were also dedicated to the stories and reports given by two refugees currently on Malta.

Commenting on the refugee input, one European said, “these are first hand experierences that are rich and helpful to us who have a burden to help.” Commenting on the interaction among the different people, one refugee said, “It is good to see our situation through the eyes of others.”

In the final sessions we broke into small groups to discuss specific areas of interest. The topics included training migrant churches & leaders; training national churches & leaders; integration; and a Europe-wide web-portal for sharing info. The groups shared information, ideas and suggested action steps to take. The outcome of these discussions or any further development was also left to the initiative of each group.

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